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Special Procedures Department

The Special Procedures Department offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures which include, but are not limited to:

Endoscopy Procedures:

Bronchoscopy- including bronchial lavage, biopsies and cultures
Upper endoscopy (EGD}
EGD with PEG placement
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Interventional Radiology Procedures:

G-tube/ J-tube placement
Ultrasound guided aspiration of fluids
Chest tube placement
Removal of drains
Removal of Gastrostomy tubes
Non-tunneled hemodialysis  catheter placement and removal
Tunneled hemodialysis  catheter placement and removal
Renal/Abdominal  mass/bone  biopsies
Insertion and removal of portacaths
Lumbar puncture
Drainage of hematomas
IVC Filter placement

Vascular Access Procedures:

Perform early vascular access assessment to make recommendations for IV access
Insertion of IV lines in patients with difficult IV access
PICC and Midline insertion at patient’s bedside
Troubleshooting obstructed central lines and ports
Baclofen pump programming
Baclofen pump refill