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Shenandoah Campus

The 54-bed Shenandoah, Texas location serves as the hospital's main campus. Take a tour!

Our Shenandoah Campus services medically complex patients, including those in need of intensive care, pulmonary therapy, neuromedical services, or infectious disease management.

Nexus Specialty Hospitals medical staff includes, but is not limited to, physicians who are board-certified in internal medicine, critical care, pulmonary medicine, cardiology, wound care, infectious diseases, neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation, family practice and sleep medicine.

When patient cases require additional support, Nexus utilizes a professional network of sub-specialist physicians who partner seamlessly with full-time hospital staff.


• 6 bed intensive care unit
• Night and weekend coverage; 7pm - 7am on site physician
• Dialysis
• Telemetry monitoring
Ventilator management (V200 TalkingVent)
Wound care specialty program
• IV therapy services
Radiology/CT scan
• On-site pharmacy
Respiratory therapy
Physical therapy
Occupational therapy
Speech therapy
• Case management/social services
• Neuro/Psychology services
• Registered Dietician
• Weekly team conference
Nexus NeuroSpecialty Program


Medically Complex Care Program
Patients who require long-term acute care with specialized nursing and therapy services due to multi-system problems including, but not limited to, the following: Diabetes complications, Dialysis, Cardiac complications requiring telemetry services, multiple IV medications, or total parenteral nutrition.

Pulmonary Management Program
Represents one of the best in ventilator management and weaning success. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies and treatment strategies. Our healthcare team is directed by board-certified pulmonologists in coordination with highly skilled respiratory therapists. Services include: ventilator management, acute respiratory management and tracheostomy care (including downsizing to decannulation).

Wound Care Continuum
Developed to achieve optimal outcomes for patients in our community and surrounding areas. Our Wound Care Team is composed of highly skilled clinicians with specialty training in wound management. The Wound Care Medical Director is a double board certified wound care physician. We are able to meet patients’ needs in the inpatient as well as outpatient arena and assist with the transition to the next level of care. The Nexus Wound Care Continuum focuses on comprehensive evaluations and outcome driven treatments of patients with complicated and non-healing wounds. We are proud and active members of the limb rescue/salvage program.

Neurospecialty Program
Unique program that offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment approach for individuals with acquired brain injuries and other neurological conditions. The treatment team is led by nationally recognized physicians with specialties in neurology and psychiatry. The program also works in conjunction with the other programs at Nexus to address all areas of need for the patient. Services include: neurocognitive therapy, psychosocial and behavioral therapy, early mobilization, spasticity management and functional living skills.