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Respiratory Care and Pulmonary Management

Nexus Specialty Hospital's Pulmonary Management Program represents one of the best in ventilator management and weaning success. We utilize state-of-the art technologies and treatment strategies.  In 2013, 92% of our patients were successfully weaned from ventilator dependency.

Our Healthcare Team is directed by experienced board-certified pulmonologists in coordination with our compassionate, competent, and customer service focused registered and certified respiratory care team. Our team works one on-one with each patient to develop an individualized comprehensive respiratory care plan that maximizes potentials for positive clinical outcomes. Respiratory Care Services specialize in the management of chronic lung issues up to acute respiratory disorders associated with serious life-threatening conditions. Also, our pulmonary management program employs a centralized organizational structure while supporting evidence based respiratory care best practice guidelines in the areas of critical care. We excel in the area of mechanical ventilator liberation due to our best practice strategies with the blend of clinical excellence with state of the-art technologies. The clinical outcomes in our facilities are benchmarked with the best institutions in the country.

Pulmonary services are provided to patients with a variety of respiratory disorders including but not limited to:

• Acute respiratory failure
• Airway management and resuscitation
• Aspiration lung injury from swallowing dysfunction and gastroesophageal reflux.
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
• Chronic respiratory failure with ventilator dependence
• Patient/family education with training
• Recurrent pneumonias or other respiratory infections
• Respiratory conditions refractory to conventional therapy.
• Stroke
• Traumatic injury

Services include:

• Acute respiratory management
• Excellent customer service
• High Flow Oxygen Therapy
• Mechanical Ventilator management and liberation
• Non-invasive ventilation
• Patient Team Conference
• Tracheotomy care (including downsizing to decannulation)
• Ventilator Ambulatory Division (VAD)

Laboratory and clinical investigation include:

• Bedside bronchoscopy assistance • Blood gas drawing and analysis
• EEG Services
• EKG capture

Talking Ventilators

Several studies have been conducted illustrating the experience of the ventilator-dependent patient. These studies found that patients feel fear and anxiety related to several factors, including the inability to verbally communicate. Our ventilators feature a speaking mode that, if activated, allows for our tracheotomy patients to speak. This feature provides patients with the ability to communicate with caregivers and family members. The ability to hear the patient speak also promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and ensures the provision of patient centered care.

Flow Track: The ventilator flow track mode provides the patient with the amount of oxygen needed for each controlled breath so the patient does not "fight" the ventilator. This breath type greatly improves patient ventilation synchrony and may reduce the need for sedatives.

High Flow Therapy

High flow oxygen therapy benefits patients with secretion management issues, while providing an oxygen enriched atmosphere. Compromised pulmonary patients, who are ventilator dependent and attempting to wean, may wean faster when high flow oxygen is used rather than the conventional aerosol method. High flow oxygen therapy shows efficiency in managing complex respiratory patients, reducing overall length of stay, preventing re-admissions, and providing patients with the ability to transition to the home or an alternate level of care with a high level of function.

To refer a patient to Nexus Specialty Hospital, you may call the Admission Department at (713) 482-3307.