KHOU/11 Toy Drive in honor of Mr. Greenwood

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THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Wes Greenwood has been a donor to the KHOU Secret Santa Toy Drive for 20 years.

Despite a serious spinal cord injury, the toy drive is his passion.

"I did not have a whole lot to do and thought it would be something constructive to pass on," Greenwood said.

His friend Ray Johnson pitched in to help but he calls Greenwood the "chief elf."

"His project for years. He collects the toys throughout the year and come Christmas we take them to you guys," Johnson said. "We haven't missed a year.

But Greenwood, 70, has been in the hospital for the last 15 months so he worried he wouldn't be able to continue the tradition.

Then his nurses found out about Greenwood's passion and went to work.

"That for us is where the story got interesting. We did not want for him to miss a year of donating," Nexus Health System Nurse Anne Langenheim de la Rosa said.

For the past few weeks, all Nexus Health System locations have been collecting toys for Wes to donate.

"There are already plans for next year," said Nexus Health System CEO Judith Butryn. "I hope that we have created a precedent and I hope we have created a tradition that goes on forever and ever."

The response was bigger than anyone expected.

"I got tears in my eyes. I have been doing this a long time and this is something that even for me has just made my day," Langenheim de la Rosa said.

They have built a new team.

"We are gonna carry it on. Every year," Johnson said with a smile.

"I think I have done some good and that was the idea," Greenwood said.

He will always have that, now with plenty of extra elves to help.