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Life Care Program

The Life Care Program at Nexus Specialty Hospital is a dynamic program designed to maximize a patient’s recovery potential, improve quality of life, and decrease their overall burden of care. Typically our patients are in need of chronic health care after a catastrophic injury. The medical, rehabilitation, and habilitation needs of the individual are addressed over the life-span of the patient. We also recognize that the disability process is a traumatic experience affecting not only the injured person, but also the family.

The program promotes:

  • Quality of life issues by including interventions designed to:
  • Minimize risk and prevent medical complications and secondary disability
  • Maximize potentials for independence, productivity, self-actualization and self-advocacy
  • Daily life within the least restrictive environment while protecting the rights of the individual and his/her family/support system

Life Care services:

  • Physical/Functional Status: Care is taken to address the physical/cognitive, social/emotional, environmental, and pain limitations.
  • Advocacy: Frequent communication is maintained between family members, guardians, trustees, advocates, hospital disciplines, and case managers.
  • Education Programs: Developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, disability awareness, life care planning goals, rehab issues, case management, interdisciplinary team process, family/professional relationships, patient/family teaching, personal safety, and the use of restraints may all be included in the education process.

To refer a patient to Nexus Specialty Hospital, you may call the Admission Department at (713) 482-3307.